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Title: "Hearts" and "Breaking"
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Jack, Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: Sexual tension on the TARDIS. A series of drabbles. Follows Candy, Sweet, Bitter, and Crystallize.
Notes: Okay, so I'm nervous about the semi-colon. :D

Hearts )
Breaking )
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Title: "Crystallize"
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Jack, Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: Follows Candy, Sweet, and Bitter.

Crystallize )
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Titles: "Sweet", and "Bitter"
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Jack, Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: Goes with Candy.

Sweet )
Bitter )
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Just checking this thing out. In case lj goes k-phut!
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I've had this song forever, and loved it, but it only recently occured to me that it's the Nine/Rose theme song.

Laura Veirs -- Spelunking
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The book I am reading this week is "This Scepter'd Isle", by Mercedes Lackey and Roberta Gellis. And it's not terrible. It's elves and mortal politics in the time of Henry VIII! That lends it some cool points. It has crossover potential -- I keep imagining the Doctor or some of the folks from the Star Trek universe stumbling across the Bazaar of the Bizarre. *g* Fun stuff!

But I want to cry every time they refer to a female elven character as a she-Sidhe. :|
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Robin McKinley, you have betrayed me. It's great that you wanted to write a sequel, okay? But that doesn't mean you're not supposed to finish the first book! >:|
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It's killing me... So many incredibly tempting stories posted in the last few days, and I'm visiting family and playing with small children and baking cookies and stuff, and don't have time to read them!

Discipline is good. And I hardly ever get to see my family. But I'm going to really look forward to the few days after Christmas, *g*.
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Every time I get the urge to move, I rearrange my furniture instead. I wonder how much I've saved over the years, in U-haul fees? On the other hand, the neighbors tend to glare at me for all the thuds and curses overhead in the wee hours of the morning.
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Title: Sunday Morning
Characters: Jack, Rose, Nine
Rating: G
Notes: Just a spur of the moment thing. Counts as a drabble if you'll forgive a little minor cheating with hyphenated words. :)

On a Sunday Morning, not that anyone can tell days of the week on the TARDIS... )
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Note to self: Cookies don't cook too well on pre-heat. Turn the oven to bake next time.

Well. They've got chocolate in 'em. They're edible. *g*

fic rec

Aug. 2nd, 2010 01:17 pm
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If anyone hasn't seen this, go now! Doctor Who, Mickey and Jack.
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Title: Trebona
Characters: Jack, Rose and Nine
Warning/Rating: Teen. For Wrongness.
Summary: Where do we go from here?

Trebona )
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Title:  After
Characters:  Jack, Tenth Doctor
Warnings/Rating:  Teen
Notes:  This ought to be some uncast future Doctor, but really it's Ten.  I guess that makes this an AU.  Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yamx for the beta!  Any mistakes left are all mine.
Summary:  The Doctor is asexual.  No, really.  It makes being in love with him difficult sometimes.

After )
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Title: Candy
Characters: Nine, Rose, and Jack
Warning/Rating: Adultish
Notes: A double drabble, or a pair of drabbles - you tell me. *g* But it's 200 words exactly! Hah!

Sexual tension on the Tardis, and Rose and Jack get a little juvenile.

Candy )
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Title: Still Pretty
Character: Jack
Summary: Jack introspection, pre-Torchwood series one. Brooding on rooftops like Batman (he was a drama queen too.)
Warning: Besides the one for drama queens? Abuse of italics. Some impolite language.

A character study, more or less. )
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Look! I've drawn a Nine.

From my camera phone. )


Mar. 29th, 2010 08:06 pm
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::giggles madly:: I WIN. I win Teleen and Yamx, and they are MINE.
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