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2011-07-06 04:37 pm

Pair of drabbles: Doctor Who

Title: "Hearts" and "Breaking"
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Jack, Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: Sexual tension on the TARDIS. A series of drabbles. Follows Candy, Sweet, Bitter, and Crystallize.
Notes: Okay, so I'm nervous about the semi-colon. :D

Hearts )
Breaking )
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2011-07-06 02:06 pm

Double Drabble: Doctor Who

Title: "Crystallize"
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Jack, Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: Follows Candy, Sweet, and Bitter.

Crystallize )
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2011-03-02 03:29 am

Pair of drabbles: Doctor Who

Titles: "Sweet", and "Bitter"
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Jack, Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: Goes with Candy.

Sweet )
Bitter )
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2011-01-30 07:48 am
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Another item for the imaginary soundtrack.

I've had this song forever, and loved it, but it only recently occured to me that it's the Nine/Rose theme song.

Laura Veirs -- Spelunking
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2010-11-07 10:26 am
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Drabble: Doctor Who

Title: Sunday Morning
Characters: Jack, Rose, Nine
Rating: G
Notes: Just a spur of the moment thing. Counts as a drabble if you'll forgive a little minor cheating with hyphenated words. :)

On a Sunday Morning, not that anyone can tell days of the week on the TARDIS... )
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2010-08-02 01:17 pm
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fic rec

If anyone hasn't seen this, go now! Doctor Who, Mickey and Jack.
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2010-06-06 11:01 pm
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Drabble: Doctor Who

Title: Trebona
Characters: Jack, Rose and Nine
Warning/Rating: Teen. For Wrongness.
Summary: Where do we go from here?

Trebona )
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2010-05-06 05:31 pm
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Fic: Doctor Who

Title:  After
Characters:  Jack, Tenth Doctor
Warnings/Rating:  Teen
Notes:  This ought to be some uncast future Doctor, but really it's Ten.  I guess that makes this an AU.  Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yamx for the beta!  Any mistakes left are all mine.
Summary:  The Doctor is asexual.  No, really.  It makes being in love with him difficult sometimes.

After )
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2010-04-26 05:25 pm

double drabble: Doctor Who

Title: Candy
Characters: Nine, Rose, and Jack
Warning/Rating: Adultish
Notes: A double drabble, or a pair of drabbles - you tell me. *g* But it's 200 words exactly! Hah!

Sexual tension on the Tardis, and Rose and Jack get a little juvenile.

Candy )
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2010-04-13 08:02 am
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'Nother Snippet: Torchwood

Title: Still Pretty
Character: Jack
Summary: Jack introspection, pre-Torchwood series one. Brooding on rooftops like Batman (he was a drama queen too.)
Warning: Besides the one for drama queens? Abuse of italics. Some impolite language.

A character study, more or less. )
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2010-04-06 09:21 pm
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Art: Ninth Doctor

Look! I've drawn a Nine.

From my camera phone. )