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Title: Candy
Characters: Nine, Rose, and Jack
Warning/Rating: Adultish
Notes: A double drabble, or a pair of drabbles - you tell me. *g* But it's 200 words exactly! Hah!

Sexual tension on the Tardis, and Rose and Jack get a little juvenile.

Once, fairly early in their acquaintance, the Doctor had stopped dead in the middle of his repair work. He'd pulled Jack by the shoulders off his knees, pushed him against the wall and held him there with his body as his hands first framed Jack's face then slid to grip him firmly by the back of the neck. He'd kissed him thoroughly, rocking his hips slowly against Jack's. And just when Jack, clinging and gasping, collected himself enough to reciprocate, the Doctor had let him go and returned to the console, leaving Jack stunned and speechless, plastered against the wall.

He never treated Rose like that. Rose got her hand held, and long tight hugs, and frankly adoring looks. The Doctor treated Rose as if she were too pure and precious to touch, and Jack had nothing but sympathy for her. The two often commiserated with one another and made elaborate plots for the Time Lord's downfall over tea and chocolate in Rose's bedroom. She told him that he was her favorite girlfriend, and he stuffed chocolate candies down her pants in revenge. And pouted when she wouldn't give them back.

She still couldn't look at an M&M without blushing.
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